Humanist Videos

Six aging Humanists discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of aging.

Humanists discuss why they are Humanists and what they think this philosophy.


Ron created the Red Bank Humanists’ Video Project, which has garnered numerous accolades (below) from national Humanist organizations.

The next three videos tell the story:


   ACCOLADES : (about the first three videos) _____________
These videos help explain in easy-to-understand language what humanism is on a very practical, everyday level. There are different ways to look at this ethical philosophy, and the good folks in Red Bank do a fine job describing their views.

The other great thing about these pieces is that they give insight into decent people who live good lives without religion. These humanists are your friends, family, and co-workers. They have senses of humor, compassion, and morality. They are…likeable!

If you’re already a humanist, you’ll find a like-minded community in Red Bank. If you’re considering becoming one, the videos are an easy, painless way to check it all out.

James Underdown, Executive Director
Center for Inquiry – Los Angeles

I really like these!    …strong production value and content…

These videos present Humanism in the positive and clearly rational light that is so appropriate for our philosophy…I hope they can be put to broader uses as well.

Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director
American Humanist Association – Washington, DC

I just watched your videos and thought they were terrific. I hope it inspires other organizations to do similar education and outreach programs in their communities.

Herb Silverman, President
Secular Coalition for America – Washington, DC

Your video project is a wonderful idea, executed with sincerity and skill.

The videos are not only a great introduction to the humanist
lifestance, they’re also a great introduction to a humanist
community. Showing humanists from a local community talking about
their personal beliefs and values is the most direct way to give a
human face to humanism. So many of the stories that your members
shared resonated with my own personal journey to humanism — at times I wanted to interrupt and say “Yes, me too!”

I would love to see every humanist community emulate this project, so that there are thousands of people from every background and every walk of life showing the human face of humanism. With the explosive growth in social networking media like MySpace and Facebook, these interviews could play a powerful role as video clips on community pages on the Web.

I especially enjoyed the accounts of personal journeys to humanism:
they show how humanism is nearly always a conclusion drawn from a
process of rational exploration of our world.  These bright,
passionate and ethical people weren’t converted to humanism by
others; they worked it out for themselves. And they all seem to
relish the process of exploring their own humanity.

I hope these videos inspire many more people to join them in that
exciting humanist journey and also encourage them to join a
supportive community like the Red Bank Humanists.

Keep up the great work,
Matt Cherry, Executive Director

Institute for Humanist Studies – Albany, NY

Well worth watching. The commentaries/testimonies are strikingly appealing and engaging…They are not denouncing others, they are not defensive or abrasive–they are affirming and articulate…I’d like to meet all of these fine people one day and to get to know them, and I know my life would be richer if I did. These spokespeople for humanism are pro-rationality, pro-skepticism, pro-science, pro-compassion, pro-reflective thought, and pro-humanity–and they make a thoroughly convincing case that their philosophy, their approach to morality and living, is exactly what humanity needs.

With high regards,
Dr. Ed Buckner, Southern Director
Council for Secular Humanism – Smyrna, GA