by Ron Steelman

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I love NPR (National Public Radio, listening primarily through WNYC in NYC, where I am a sustaining member)! I heard this on the radio yesterday and wanted to share it because it is a living example of the Secular Humanist philosophy (although I have no idea if Mr. Il Soo Choi is a Secular Humanist).


From NPR’s “Weekend Edition – Saturday” – July 28, 2018 

Segment Title:  “A Postman Signs Off”


Il Soo Choi retired this week after 22 years carrying letters, magazines, catalogs and packages to 643 addresses on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He’s an immigrant from South Korea. His wife has worked in nail salons. Their daughter is a minister. The postman left a note in the mailboxes of the people along his route this week as reported by The Wall Street Journal. It is a kind of hymn to New York.

Interacting with people of various ethnicities, cultures and religious backgrounds, I’ve gained a love, respect and appreciation for humanity, Il Soo Choi wrote. I’ve encountered a billionaire, a TV anchor, a foreign diplomat, countless doctors and professors. I’ve interacted with both the wealthy and the poor working in Manhattan. The homeless lady, who used to sit by the Vietnamese restaurant, was both a friend and mentor. I believe that we can learn a great deal about ourselves in life when we open up to the world around us in this land, in this city. I’ve learned and gained so much by encountering each of you. It has been a privilege to serve as your mailman.

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2 thoughts on “A REAL HUMANIST

  1. I am also a sustaining member of NPR.
    I only listen to it in the car. Would like to follow it every minute.
    So enjoyed Simon’s story about the mailman, and his interactions with humanity.
    It is so enlightening to speak with others beyond just the weather.
    My mail lady lost her 18 year old son to cancer a few years ago. She could talk to me because she saw the Ocean of Love decal on my car.
    The young man from my village who came to change my light bulbs is wild about science. We talked about climate change, gravitational waves, quarks, etc. He watches Destin Sandlin ‘s blog, Smarter Every Day. We could have talked for hours.
    Meeting new people is a thrill! Everyone has an interesting “back story,” and many have survived all sorts of traumas.
    Just finished reading the FFRF newspaper.
    More interesting stories.

  2. In response to Pat: You can listen to NPR on the Amazon echo, on your phone as a podcast, on your phone streaming, and of course, on the radio. If you need help with any of these options, give me a call.

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