2 thoughts on “IT HAS TO STOP

  1. I am sick over this latest shooting, and every other one.
    These are my babies being terrified, and killed.
    For what?
    And where is this god that 85% of our country worships and adores?
    And why does the NRA have such power?
    Why do we have ASSAULT weapons that are only meant to murder people?
    Guess it comes down to greed and power.
    We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  2. It’s incredibly tragic. But even more tragic is our nation’s repetitive response to these escalating incidences. “Let’s pray about it.” If we ever needed proof that prayer doesn’t work, in the continued violent and preventable bloodshed of children, we have our proof. The time to chat with our imaginary friends is OVER. It’s time to take action, here on Earth.
    I’ll have my own blog post on this very topic tomorrow. It’s a heated topic for me, so I appreciate your post. Hope you are able to rest. 😦

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