My Aching Back


I’ve been out of commission for several months, flirting with a neurosurgeon at Columbia New York Presbyterian Hospital.

And now, I have survived two operations on my spine, the first in March and the last on May 16th. I hope that soon I can post more to this blog and to my Twitter account. Pain medication tends to fuzzy you up. It’s hard to concentrate on Humanist philosophical concepts. . .or any concepts.

My sweet wife, Elaine, has helped me through this very difficult time. What a caring friend she is to me! My family has been front and center through it all. And I have had such great support from all my friends and especially from so many Humanist friends from the Red Bank Humanists. I banked all this positive energy. It helped to buoy my spirits as I tried to overcome my fears of the surgery. It’s also helped me to succeed in my recovery. I am a very lucky guy. Thank you all.

No, I did not pray to any god or gods to get through this. And no swearing incorporating the typical religious curses. However, during post-op at the hospital, I did swear at a nurse who really inflicted some excruciating pain. I yelled out, “Einstein’s pajamas! Don’t you know how to do your job!?” She was scolded and was sent back to learn how to do the procedure.

Physical therapy has begun and they laid out their diabolical plan. It’s a real workout.

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3 thoughts on “My Aching Back

  1. It had been such a long haul for you, and your family. Let’s hope your last surgery will rectify the problem,and you will be better than new! Having spent eons as a Catholic, we were told that suffering was good for you, and the more you suffered, the more GOD loved you. How absurd is that?????? Next time I see you, I am hoping you will be able to leap up and click your heels together. I wish you a very rapid recovery.

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